Boot and Shoe

One of my absolute favorite restaurants in Oakland, California is Boot and Shoe Service.  I hadn’t been there in a while, so I decided to go there this past Sunday to give me a chance to tell you all about it.

It’s a happening place to be, at any time of day, so we got there bright and early to be first in line for their 10 AM opening.

To start, we got their bacon bread pudding with leak and fontina cheese.  The description calls the arugula a salad, but it’s more of a garnish.  hee.  The pudding was very interesting – more of a frittata than a classic bread pudding, it’s rich and creamy with all the cheese.


Next came the brisket and potato hash with chermoula spice and a poached egg.

IMG_8934  The spice really comes through, making this not your everyday hash.

Then came my favorite part of any meal at Boot and Shoe – their pizza.  From reading my blog, you know I always like my pizzas plain and simple – which is true for any place but here.  Their pizza combinations are brilliant and crusts are chewy and soft, just like the pizzerias in Naples (see my blog post on that!).  Today, we got their brussels sprouts, housemade sausage, trugole, and an egg.  OMG, delicious.  I could eat this every week!


And finally, my favorite breakfast food – french toast!  Served with a cherry-apricot-plum compote and mascarpone, this was a perfect finale to a great meal.


But before we left, I had to stop by their coffee and pastry bar for some treats on the go.  I got their apple pocket, lemon twist, donut muffin, and pistachio frangipane with sour cherry pocket.  These pastries are some of the best I’ve had around town – I meant to eat these for breakfast throughout the week but it’s Tuesday and they are already all gone.


A place that NEVER disappoints with an amazing meal every time.

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