Dobbs Ferry SF

It’s ballet season again and as season ticket holders, my friends and I are always looking for a great place to eat a pre-show meal.  So, before the Sunday matinee last week, we headed over to Dobbs Ferry for brunch.

One of my friends got their Baked Eggs, which is basically a frittata in a ramekin.  It’s filled with kale, carmelized onions, roasted red peppers and ricotta.

IMG_9126  Not that interesting, but with cripsy potatoes, it is a good basic brunch meal.

This is the Chicken and Bacon Waffle Benedict.  The waffle has bacon and cheddar cheese inside, served along fried chicken nuggets, eggs, sausage gravy and maple syrup.

IMG_9125  Not bad.  A great mixture of sweet and salty but a little too much for one sitting.  I wish they had some fresh salad to serve along side it or some veggie within to balance it out.

I got the Pork Belly Benedict.  It’s your basic eggs benedict but better.  A dish made with pork belly instead of ham, spinach, and a bacon hollandaise sauce, it’s pretty good.

IMG_9124  I didn’t really get the notes of bacon in the sauce, but I give them points for trying.

The crispy potatoes were perfect but made each dish a little on the heavy side.  Overall, not a bad meal but a little too heavymuch before going to see the ballet.  It’s a hard job to keep up with their delicious neighbors but there is a definitely some creative ideas and good effort.

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