Zocalo Coffee House

It is always exciting to find a cool place to eat/hang out in a boring suburb full of strip malls.  Such is the case with Zocalo Coffee House in San Leandro, California – a suburb southeast of Oakland that, in my opinion, exists as an escape from Oakland and as conduit to more savory parts of the East Bay.

Zocalo Coffee House is one of those finds that I’m so glad to have stumbled upon.  A coffee house with a hipster vibe, it is a cool place to hang out and relax on some comfy lounge chairs or study on their long wooden tables.

They have drip coffees and an espresso bar, featuring beans selected from all over the world.  I recently had a cup of their brazilian blend with notes of citrus, almonds and chocolate.  The flavors were fantastic and definitely not your typical cup of Starbucks®.  To go along with your coffee, you can get a variety of baked goods.  What’s cool about Zocola, is there are always gluten free treats!  Here, I got 2 chocolate truffles and one gluten free coconut one!

IMG_8693  Homemade and delicious!

They also have some light meals for breakfast and lunch.  I recently got their Bancroft Biscuit to go.  A breakfast sandwich with a herbed scone, scrambled eggs, and cream cheese pressed like a panini.  This was delicious.


So, the hope stays alive and always look for the hidden gems!


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