Short Rib Cook Off

Last week’s meals at home focused on two short rib recipes featured in Food and Wine® Magazine.

In the February 2015 issue, a recipe for their short rib farrotto with carrots and parsnips is found on page 102.

IMG_9453 I love risotto but sometimes it can be too heavy or just too much starch.  This recipe uses the same concept of the risotto but uses the farro grain instead.  This was interesting.  Definitely more fiber and less creamy than a risotto, but I felt healthier eating it.  The grain actually held the flavor of the meat and wine well, which was a nice suprirse.  I’m glad I was exposed to the farro and look forward to creating more with it in the future.

In the March 2015 issue, the recipe for beet braised short ribs is found on page 34.

IMG_9471  This was delicious.  I had never thought much about “braising with beets” but it brought a nice sweetness to the broth and went well against the parsnips and tomatoes.  Following the instructions pretty closely, the short ribs were braised really nicely and fell off the bone perfectly.  I paired this with some homemade cheese-y bread

IMG_9480  I made these as a variation of a recipe for cheese biscuits in Baked: New Frontiers in Baking by Matt Lewis and Renato Poliafito.  I substituted shredded monterey jack cheese for some heat, which went really nicely with by braised stew.

For both dishes, I used Cline Vineyard’s 2013 Zinfandel.  Always cook with a wine you would drink and this is a good one.  I wrote about Cline in my previous post “Wineries of Sonoma” and recommend a visit to all who come out this way.

What started out as a cook off to see which recipe was better, ended with two pretty good meals for the week.

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