April Pies

It’s a new month and time for a new pie flavors at Pietisserie in Oakland, California!  I was particularly excited because they had strawberry on the menu – my favorite!

I think in my mind, I was imagining the strawberry pies of Nation’s® or Marie Calendar’s®, where beautiful ripe strawberries drenched in red syrup pile high up above a crumbly crust and served with a healthy dose of whipped cream.  That, however, was not the case here.   Here is her full sized strawberry pie:


The strawberries were beautifully marinated, in likely sugar and what tasted like cinnamon and nutmeg, as to highlight the natural sweetness of the berries.  Much tastier and healthier than the artificially bright syrups found in the pies described above.  The brown sugar oat topping is just like the one she uses on her apple pie.  The crust is just crunchy enough to add a great texture to each bite.

The brown sugar oat topping is not found, however, on the hand held version, which you see on the top and middle right of this box:

IMG_9702  The filling is the same, but I preferred the oat topping instead of the crust topping.

On the top left of the box are lemon blueberry tarts.  These are FANTASTIC.  A beautiful combination of sweet and tart with blueberries mixed into a creamy lemon filling.  I have tried her lemon, mojito, and grapefruit pies, which were all of the same general concept.  But this is, by far, my favorite of her tart pies.

In the middle of the box is her peanut butter pie.  The filling was soft and sweet with just the perfect amount of peanut butter flavor.  The pie had great texture and beautifully transformed that jar of peanut butter!

The rest of the box are my usual favorites – apple spice, chocolate pretzel, and chocolate banana.  I just can’t get enough!

While I’m ordering out, I always get a box of their savory pies to go.  This month featured breakfast pies made with a beautiful balance of spinach, egg, and tomatoes.  I ate all 4 in one day!!


Another great selection of pies.  Can’t wait for more!

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