Miette Gummies

I love Miette Pastisserie.  With shops in San Francisco and Oakland, I’m a frequent candy shopper. 🙂  I wrote about them before in a previous post, “miette champagne gummies”, and today I am revisiting some of my new found and old favorite sweets of the season.

Here is a bowl full of all their fruits:

IMG_0273  Berries, fruit salad, sour citrus, watermelon – all are so flavorful and soft.  You can taste how freshly made they are and that they are not your average gummies in a box from the drug store.  Each time I go, it’s hard for me to not pick up a bag of everything.

Two fun candies I found on my last trip are their colas:

IMG_0089 On the right is your typical cola gummy with sugar on top, but softer and more flavorful than the ones you can buy at the drug store.  On the left is a chew candy with the texture of a Hi-Chew® but rich with cola flavor that dissolves easily in your mouth.  I love this latter one – it is an interesting texture and flavor is great.

And how about some teddy bear flavored sweet tarts?  Perfect party favor for a good friend’s baby shower coming up

Last spring, they had these blue raspberry gummies that I couldn’t find last weekend.

iphone5backup.nov27 427  Gummy on top and spongy on the bottom with the flavor of a blue raspberry icee!  Oh well, that just means I have to go back!

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