Baking with mayonnaise


This week’s confection is a Chocolate Orange Cake, recipe a la Trisha Yearwood from the Food Network®.  (

I was intrigued by this recipe because the main source of oil and fat is mayonnaise.  There are no eggs in the batter and only 2 tablespoons of butter (well, I guess there is some egg in the mayo but no ACTUAL eggs).  There have been several times when I started to bake a cake but had to stop because I didn’t have enough eggs.  Using mayo as an alternative is an interesting and helpful concept, since I always have this condiment at hand.

Result?  A beautiful, moist, and light chocolate cake.  No one could believe that I didn’t use actual eggs and how little butter was actually used.  In terms of calories, I’m not quite sure how much a difference the mayo made but I am excited for all the cake doors this opens!  The recipe calls for a glaze on top of the cake but the cake is so moist, I didn’t think the glaze was necessary.  The orange flavor was subtle and balanced well with the chocolate.  YUM.

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