Kronner Burger

After reading a recent article in the San Francisco Chronicle, my friend and I decided to end a long week with a meal at Kronner Burger.  A restaurant that replaced a old Mexican restaurant with a beautiful ethnic mural on the side wall (for more, google Kronner Burger and mural controversy), it joins a long list of burger joints that seem to be popping up all over the place in the bay area.

The restaurant was busy and loud with patrons shouting and laughing over their meals.  It was so loud that we could barely hear each other talk, so beware if you are looking for something more intimate.  We started the meal off with carbonated margaritas, which were as delicious as they sound and even stronger than expected.  Yeah for Fridays!

We ordered a bowl of their onion rings that were served with a delicious aioli sauce.  The onions were fried with a thin batter and were quite yummy.


Next came the fries with beef cheek gravy and cheese curds.  This was just ok.  The gravy didn’t have much flavor, the cheese curds were sparse throughout the dish, and the abundance of scallions confused me.  The fries did not have much flavor on their own and ended up wet from the gravy as opposed to smothered in gravy.IMG_4938

We each got the Kronnerburger, which is served rare, with onions, pickles, cheddar mayo, and lettuce.  And when they say rare, it is RED and raw inside.

IMG_4939  I usually like my burgers rare, so this was ok with me.  But my friend likened it to a steak tartar and couldn’t finish it.  I was surprised they didn’t make it medium rare, as to satisfy more palates.  The bun was toasted perfectly but the cheddar mayo did not have much cheddar taste to it.

We ended the meal with their chocolate peanut butter malt pie.

IMG_4942  The crust tasted like the graham crackers were baked with peanut butter instead of just butter (what a concept!) and there were notes of peanut butter in the cream on top.  The chocolate cream in the middle had just enough salt to taste.  I couldn’t taste the malt.

All in all, a good meal.  I have a headache now, though, which I’m not sure is from the carbonated margarita or the noise in the restaurant.  😛  Of all the burger joints so far, I am still a true burger fan! (see related post “true burger”)

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