Back Home

I recently came back from a trip to Germany and one of the hardest parts of coming back to reality for me is having to fend for myself again.  And what do you even begin to cook for yourself when you are still jet lagged and wishing you were back in the land of beautiful pastries and streetfood?

I started with a Ratatouille Tart, found on page 103 of the April 2015 issue of Food and Wine.

IMG_4730  I made the crust with whole wheat flour and was grateful for all the vegetables after 3 weeks abroad.  I am not usually a fan of ratatouille but served on a tart shell, it was actually quite good.

Having come back from Germany, I was craving sausages and hot dogs even though that is literally all I ate for the whole trip.  And to my surprise, there were there was an article for hot dog ideas by “Mad Genius” Justin Chapple of Food and Wine found on page 66 of their June 2015 issue.  I did my own version of their Chicago style salsa (as a sandwich) and Apricot mostarda (which I made with apricot preserves instead of dried apricots).

IMG_4749  With whole wheat bun and artisan bread, it’s a healthier version of the recipes and what I was eating in Germany.  And it hit the spot!  Bon Appetite!

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