I was recently asked to make a cheeseburger out of yarn for a friend.  The best pattern I could find is called “Hamburger” by Alicia Kachmar found in Yummy Crochet, a collaboration by Kristen Rask.  I made two variations of pattern, altering it as I went along to make it more to my liking.

For the cheeseburger, you have the buns and the patty


as well as the cheese, the onions, tomatoes, and lettuce.


Each piece stacks on top of each other and I actually tied them all together first, so that it became better joined.IMG_4978IMG_4979

I then sewed all these fillings into the bun to make the burger.

The first time I made the cheeseburger, I followed the pattern more closely and the patty turned out quite large:IMG_4794IMG_4928

So, I made it a second time with a smaller patty


When I saw this pillow at the hospital gift shop last week, I knew that combining it with a burger amigurumi would make a perfect gift!


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