Fun Cookies

The Golden State Warriors have just won the NBA finals and the champions rode through Oakland, California last weekin a grand parade through a sea of blue and yellow.  Since I couldn’t be part of the festivities, I made some fun cookies to join the celebration in spirit – M&M® cookies, made from the recipe found in the back of the bag of M&Ms®, and cookies made with fruity pebbles®!  The Fruity Pebbles® cookies were featured on Foodnetwork®’s Instagram® as Sunny Anderson’s Cereal Confetti cookies and the recipe can be found here:

IMG_5032  Both recipes were very similar – ratio of butter to flour is 1 stick to 1 cup.  The M&M cookies had brown sugar and some baking soda, whereas the confetti cookies are made with all white sugar and only baking powder with almond extract mixed in.  I chilled both doughs in the fridge for an hour or so before scooping them out to the sheets and they both baked really well.

Result was a success!  I brought 100 of these to the office on Friday and they were all gone in 15 minutes!

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