Red Egg Cake Pops

In Chinese tradition, a red egg and ginger party is thrown to celebrate a newborn baby on their one month birthday.  Historically, this was done at one month of age because it was a great feat for an infant to survive that long and, because of that, this is also when the baby is named.  Nowadays, with modern medicine, we thankfully live to one month and beyond and are given our names at birth.  Chinese families now have these celebrations at 100 days or later; when the baby is stronger, more interactive and less likely to get sick.

This past weekend, I attended one of these parties for my cousin’s new 6 month old baby girl.  As a party favor, we got these cake pops in the shape of a red egg!

IMG_5169  I thought these were just fantastic.  There were three different flavors – red velvet, chocolate, and vanilla.  Each pop really looked like a red egg!  My family and I grabbed more than a few, making a sweet little bouquet.

So blessed to celebrate the new baby with cake pops and this sweet layette I made for her!


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