german chocolate

Whenever I think of German chocolate, I think of German chocolate cake.  So, during my travels through Germany last month, I was determined to taste my way through the place where it all started.

In Berlin, the famed Fassbender and Rauch is a destination for chocolate lovers and filled with delectable treats:

IMG_1948  I tried their pistachio truffles, ganaches, and pralines – all so yummy.  The flavor of the pistachio was so intense in each piece and the chocolate creamy smooth.  They also had a selection of chocolate pastries, like this yummy one with mango cream and white chocolate with a delicate white cake inside:


But my favorite part of the shop were their chocolate sculptures!  They had the Titanic:


A globe


A volcano


And your major landmarks of Berlin:

The Brandenberg Gate


The Reichstag


A piece of the berlin wall


The Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church.  Bombed in a raid during WW2, what remains of the church has been left intact as a reminder of those lost in the war.  A memorial hall has been built next to it since then and glows a beautiful blue in the evening.  Both are reconstructed here.


The Berlin TV tower:


Around the corner from Fassbender and Rauch is a Ritter Sport® shop!

IMG_2143  A german based company, you can get this candy bar in all sorts of flavors and sizes.  In the US, you can only get these in a few choice flavors, but at this german shop, the possibilities seemed endless!  I got one with cornflakes and one with strawberry mint!

But the best part of the Ritter Sport® shop was that you could make your own chocolate bar!  You choose your chocolate (dark, milk, etc) and what kinds of fillings you want inside, come back a few hours later and your bar is made.  I chose sugar stars, crisps, and rose pepper.

IMG_4728  What a great souvenir!

In Munich, Eilles is at the Max Joseph Platz by the Residenz (the old royal living quarters and treasury).

IMG_3568  Here, I picked up a few truffles as an afternoon snack!  Fig, apple, pistachio, kir royal, and champagne – the flavor of each filling was just right and chocolate was delicious.

To my surprise, the German chocolate cake with pecan and coconut frosting as we know in the USA, does not exist in Germany.  According to my tour guide, “We don’t have coconut in Germany!”  BUT, they do have the black forest cake!  Abundant and delicious through the Black Forest region of the country, it is 2 layers of chocolate cake with delicious whipped cream, cherries in cherry liquor, chocolate shavings, over a cookie bottom.

IMG_4466  I had this several times.   YUM.

I even had this play on the black forest cake:

IMG_4293  chocolate mouse over cherry compote in a glass with whipped cream on top and a lady finger on the side.  Not a bad idea.

While it was deflating to realize that the German chocolate cake with the coconut and pecan frosting is an American creation, it was so fun and delicious to eat German chocolate in its native form.  Can’t wait to go back!

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