Yo Sushi

I love good sushi (for more, see my previous post “I love sushi”).  In California, I am really lucky to be surrounded by a lot of great places with some really fresh fish.  And while I don’t mind paying a lot for a beautiful plates of rolls or a boat of fresh sashimi, I’m always intrigued by the places in strip malls with happy hour and take out options.

There is a chain of restaurants in the East Bay area of California called “Yo Sushi” with not bad reviews online.  I’ve been to the one in Alameda a few times and, overall, it’s actually pretty good.  Last week, I stopped by for these rolls:


The red dragon (deep fried shrimp, red tuna, avocado with spicy mayo and an unami sauce), the
lemon salmon (a california roll with lemon and salmon), and the oregon (salmon on the outside and avocado on the inside).  Each roll was  pretty fresh and good sized portion for their $5/roll happy hour special.
To round out our meal, I got their deluxe crispy roll as well (not a happy hour option).  It’s got tuna, salmon, yellow tail, and avocado deep fried with crab meat on top.

IMG_5352  Pretty yummy!

So, want a good meal bargain and a fix for your sushi craving?  Go “get yo’ sushi”!  http://www.getyosushi.com/

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