cheesecake time of year

One of my staff at work loves cheesecake.  So each year in July, my kitchen is filled with the aroma of cheesecakes as we get ready to celebrate my staff’s birthday.

This year, I used the recipe for “Upstate Cheesecake” found in Baked:  New frontiers in Baking by Matt Lewis and Renato Poliafito.  Instead of having a layer of sour cream mixture on top, I added the sour cream into the batter and baked it all the way through.  It worked out quite well, in my opinion and it was easier to store the cakes to bring to the office the next day.

I topped one with my usual go to – cherry pie filling:


And the second with a can of tropical mixed fruit mixed with apricot jam:

iphonebackupjuly2015 4390iphonebackupjuly2015 4391  This was actually the big winner – the contrast of the sweet tropical fruit and tart apricot jam against the smooth cheesecake filling was AMAZING!  I got so many compliments and orders for more!

This cheesecake was also the smoothest and creamiest I have had in a long time.  Definitely a home run this birthday for my well deserving staff!

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