I remember as a kid, I would always be the first one in line at the appetizer table at church potlucks.  My goal was always to fill my plate up with ruffled Lays® potato chips and store bought clam dip before it was all gone.  In my young mind, there was nothing like the the tang of sour cream mixed with clams against the crunch of a good chip.

My tastes have since been refined but I still love my chips and dip.  As I host my own potlucks and parties these days, my go to dip is this one – a spinach, artichoke, bacon dip from the Food Network©:



An yummy substitute is to use a jar of grilled artichokes from Mezzetta®, which you can find any of your local grocery stores.  The grill adds some smokiness to the dip, which is quite nice.

In my opinion (as I have mentioned several times in this blog), bacon makes everything better.  And with dips, it is no different.  This is a clam dip made with a recipe from Cooks Illustrated® that I love:

IMG_5022  It’s got clams, scallions, bacon – all of the flavors that I remember so fondly as a kid but fresher and elevated.  It’s a crowd pleaser each time!

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