B Dama

I love eating at Swan Market in Oakland, California.  I wrote about my good eats in previous posts, “lunch at swan market” and “weekends at swan market.”  Today, I’ll be highlighting a stand in the back of the market, B Dama.  Related to Geta sushi, another great establishment in Oakland referenced in my “I love sushi” post, B Dama attracts lovers of good Japanese food from all over the Bay Area.  The set up is simple,

IMG_6546 but the flavors are bold and delicious.

Take the vegetable udon for instance – what an amazing combinations of flavors and textures.  THere are panko crumbs, seaweed, tofu, veggies, noodles.  The broth is intense and delicious.  OMG.  I have never been this impresed by udon before!


Another favorite is their katsu curry lunch platter:

IMG_6547  Check out the portion!  The cutlet had this beautiful katsu crust that was not at all bready or flaky like I am used with tonkatsu.  I have to say, I liked this way much better because it really enhanced instead of detracted from the flavor of the meat.  The curry was on the spicy side but not overpowering and perfect with a bed of rice and side salad.

Their lunch box specials are great deals and change up often.  Last week, we got their tuna belly with teriyaki sauce:

IMG_6549  This was so tender and flavorful.  And what a great deal – salad, veggies, rice and miso soup!

One of my favorite things to eat here are their gaburi or futomaki sushi hand rolls.  These are their spicy tuna and avocado along with their maitake mushroom tempura with curry sauce.IMG_6551 For hand roll yummies, they are flavor packed and filling.  DELISH.  Can’t wait to go back for more!


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