Beauty’s Bagel Shop

One of the hopping new weekend brunch places in Oakland, California is Beauty’s Bagel Shop down Telegraph Avenue.  Specializing in “Monteal-inspired Wood Fired Bagels”, this is not your typical New York or California bagel!  According to their website, these bagels are cooked with honey water and fired in a wood oven.  Thinner than bagels I’m used to and more crunchier on the outside, they are pretty yummy.

Most of their bagel flavors come in a wheat and white dough options.  Here, we have a half dozen of wheat bagels, everything bagels, and plain white.

iphonebackupjuly2015 4360  They make homemade jam on site as well – this week’s was an apricot rose.  Following me on this blog, you know I can’t resist the florals and was so excited to try this.  Unfortunately, it tasted more like just regular apricot jam but a good one at that.  When at bagel shops, I always make sure to buy a few extra to freeze and eat on a later date.  These bagels don’t hold up so well after freezing and were hard like rocks after defrosted and toasted.  So, best to eat them fresh!

They’ve also got some great bagel sandwiches to choose from.  Like their smoked trout salad:

iphonebackupjuly2015 4355  Sandwiched between a wheat everything bagel with lettuce, radishes, and onions, it’s a perfect balance between smokey and salty.

This is their fried chicken with a creamy beet coleslaw on a wheat everything bagel:

iphonebackupjuly2015 4356  The chicken was a bit dry but the beet coleslaw was yummy!

This is their egg salad, served open face on a wheat everything bagel with lettuce.

iphonebackupjuly2015 4358  The horseradish mayo and pickles served alongside here are FANTASTIC!  The pickles are actually served with each sandwich and are really yummy.

Street parking and seats inside are limited but they do take orders to go!  Worth checking out if you are in the neighborhood!

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