ramen shop

I’m back at one of my favorite restaurants in Oakland, California to see what’s new on their ever changing, creative, seasonal menu.  My favorite view at the Ramen Shop is this one from the bar –

IMG_6505  watching all the chefs and cooks creating my meal right before me.

I started off the evening with their Maitake mushroom tempura, served with heirloom tomatoes, avocado, fennel and squash blossoms.  To tie it all together, the dish is plated with a fantastic ponzu mayonnaise that I would have licked off the plate if I was not sitting in the middle of an open bar restaurant!


Next was the pulled pork donburi:

IMG_6509  Scallions, ginger radishes, kimchi, red onions and radishes with an egg yolk on top, served over rice.  What an interesting bowl of textures and flavor.  On the spicy side balanced with the vinegar from the kimchi and pickled veggies.

My Ramen choice at this visit was their Hokkaido Butter Corn Miso Ramen

IMG_6512  Ground pork belly, shoyu marinated egg, roasted squash, peppers, fermented bean paste, and chrysanthemum greens are the key ingredients in this bowl.  Of all the times I’ve had ramen here, I have yet to have it be this spicy!  WOO WEE – this was HOT.  Almost too hot to tolerate.  Thank goodness for some curiosity cola to cool off the palate and bubbles to help with digestion.


And it’s not a meal at Ramen Shop unless you end it with their fantastic black sesame ice cream sandwich with brown butter cookies.  My fave, my fave, my fave!!


As if i didn’t eat enough, I get an order of their monterey bay squid and pork fried rice to go:

IMG_6516 Wild nettles, cilantro, jalapeno, cherry tomatoes, green beans, anise, and spicy shrimp chili paste make this dish a very spicy one as well!  Ramen Shop, I can’t handle all the heat!

Though this was a spicy encounter, I will be back.  The food is just too good.



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