cooking with panko


I love panko.  Japanese bread crumbs that you can find in almost any grocery stores these days, panko really helps to add some great texture to any dish.  On it’s own, it doesn’t have too much flavor and more used just for the cruch.  Each box of panko gives you about 2-3 cups to work with – often too much for one dish but not enough for 2 dishes.  I chose two recipes this week from my favorite, Ina Garten or the Barefoot Contessa, to cook with panko.

On the right is Ina’s Spinach and Ricotta Noodle Pudding, found in her latest book Make it Ahead.  It’s got noodles, ricotta, herbs, spinach – all mixed together like a deconstructed lasagna, topped with panko on top for some crunch.  Overall, it was a bit bland but feeds a LOT of people and easy to make.

On the left is Ina’s Crispy Mustard-roasted Chicken, found in her book Foolproof:  recipes you can trust.  This was delicious.  I love mustard and mix it with some panko, it’s the best “healthy” alternative to fried chicken that I’ve had in a while!

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