making a double layer wedding veil

My sister is getting married and I was shocked at the prices of the veils she was looking to purchase.  So, I decided to try to make one on my own!

First things first, I went to the craft store and bought some tulle – a plain white one and one with silver sparkles.  The plain one I chose was soft and flowing; meant more for decorations than a veil, it didn’t have much shape.  I didn’t mind that, since it was about $1.50/yard and I was planning to embellish it anyways.  The one with sparkles was firmer and held its shape; it was more structured for ballet tutus and felt more like the commercial veils I had seen.  This kind of tulle is kept in the fabric part of the store, whereas my plain tulle was found in the decoration section.  My sister wanted a fingertip length, which ends up somewhere between 1.5-1.75 yards long.  I always prefer to have my fabric cut at the store instead of buying the entire amount and cutting into smaller amounts at home.  I can never get it to be equal sizes!  😛  And after being enticed by all the different options for trimming at the craft store I decided to make a several for my sister to choose from.

I bought this beautiful wavy trim to attach to the sparkly tuille
IMG_7395  Bling bling!

And some ribbon with detail for the white tuille:

IMG_7396  I actually found a thick and thin version of this and made both.  The thinner gave a more subtle effect, as you see in this picture, while the thicker one gave a more pronounced effect (as seen below).

I found this thick lace with a natural wave in it and made my own trim!


Some of the blogs I read and crafters I met at the store suggested I use nylon thread to attach the trim.  However, I found it worked just fine with regular thread.  I did use a needle for stretch fabric but otherwise had no problems.

Next, I folded the veil to leave the bottom layer about 6 inches longer than the top.  I sewed a basting stitch about 4 inches from the  fold and ruched the tuille across the entire length.  I then sewed the ruching into place onto a thick ribbon base.

IMG_7401  Some of the veils I saw at David’s Bridal® only ruched the middle third of the fold.  With my veils, I chose to ruche the entire way because my homemade trim gave the tulle some extra weight, making extra folds higher up a little odd and out of place.

Next, I hand sewed a comb to my thick ribbon base.

IMG_7405  Michael’s® sells a set of 6 plastic combs for $1.99 in their DIY wedding section!

End product:

IMG_7409  Not too shabby.

I sewed some beaded ribbon to the area on the opposite side to where I attached the comb, making it more polished while hiding the irregularities of hand sewing.  All in all, I made all these veils for approximately $10/each.  Question now is which one will she choose?


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