french macarons

I love french macarons and eating them was probably my favorite memory of France.  This shot was taken from a small artisan shop in Marseille, France with some of the best macarons I have ever eaten:


Recently, I had a chance to try some pretty good macaron’s stateside and so sharing with you about them today.

From the new Hello Kitty Cafe truck that has just rolled into the Bay Area of California, you get a box of colorful macarons with the classic Hello Kitty bow on top!  Flavors from blue to red are chocolate, pistachio, lemon, passionfruit, strawberry.

IMG_0053  These were actually quite good.  The cookies were soft and chewy with very flavorful fillings inside.  The fillings had more of a jelly than a cream base and these macarons stayed soft to eat at room temperature for a good week.

My favorite bakery in Alameda, California is the Feel Good Bakery – from berry flavor to pistachio to earl grey, the fillings are more cream based:

IMG_0165  I love these but because of the cream filling, I try to not let it sit for too long and eat them quite quickly.

Stateside Bakery in Berkeley, California also makes some great macarons:

IMG_6486  Their fillings are more jelly and chocolate based.  My favorites are their “apple jacks” and “birthday cake” flavors (see related post:

Other French style bakeries like Tous les Jours or Paris Baguette sell boxes like these in the states: IMG_0272  Here you have the classic flavors of pistachio, red velvet, chocolate, coffee, mocha, citrus.  These tasted a bit more “manufactured” than those from local bakeries, but delicious nonetheless.

And while I’d love to take regular trips to France or Belgium, I’m glad I can get pretty good quality macarons here in the US!

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