Nashville Sights

When I think of Nashville, Tennessee, I think of country music.  In fact, check out my related post:

But on my recent trip there, it was really cool to see how the city offers so much more than that!

Besides everything country and the country music stars at the concert arenas, they have a beautiful symphony hall


surrounded by beautiful fountains and courtyards


This latter photo is of a fireman as a memorial to those who risk their live each day.

Broadway is the heart of downtown with all their bars and live music venues.


and you can’t believe how many pedal taverns we saw going up and down the streets!


Every first saturday of the month, the old Arcade hosts an art crawl


It is more vintage than “old” but it’s got a lot of small ethnic eateries inside!


and the old peanut shop where Planter’s® Peanuts got their start!


The printer’s alley is a few blocks from the Arcade:

IMG_7179  This is where Nashville got it’s start with publishing and printing music and later as hopping place for music nightlife!

Up the street is the war memorial:

IMG_7163IMG_7161 commemorating names of local heroes who sacrificed their lives in the vietnam and korean wars.

There is also a special memorial to those who fought in WWI


Atop the hill from the war memorial is the State Capital of Tennesee:

IMG_7156  So pretty next to the blue sky.

Down the hill from the war memorial is the public library.


Look at this gorgeous door:


and interior:


Normally, I wouldn’t specifically take the time to visit a public library in any old city, but this one has a beautiful room dedicated to the civil rights movement.

IMG_7132IMG_7137  There are books, photos, and videos about the movement and the role that Nashville and Tennessee played in all of that.  At the center of the room is this gorgeous table with a timetable of how the movement progressed.  Really moving and definitely worth time spent inside.

After all that walking, we were tired from the Southern heat.  So, we stopped at Puckett’s BBQ down the street!


There are several beers on tap and one of their own


As we settled into a trio of sliders (brisket and pulled pork), coleslaw and sweet potato fries.


They’ve got two different vinegar based sauces – regular and spicy!

IMG_7112  It is mmm mmm good!  The meat was so tender and the sauce was fantastic!

Walking around, the skyline of Nashville is an interesting mix of old and new


With random gardens in between


The biggest garden is at Centennial park, where there are beautiful grounds for a picnic and a man-made lake to take a stroll around


To help with the heat, you can grab yourself a snow cone!


The jewel of this park is the Parthenon of Nashville


Built as an almost exact replica of the one in Athens, it houses an art museum inside:


Having been to the real thing in Greece, the detail in the architecture was impressive


There is also a monument to the founder of Nashville at the edge of the park:


Closer to downtown, you have the Cumberland River running through:

IMG_6818  On one side you have a sports stadium and the other is a train station leading away from downtown:


And to cross over is the John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge (previously known as the Shelby Street Bridge or Shelby Avenue Bridge)IMG_6815

It was a gorgeous day to stroll across the bridge


For sunset views of the city


And to watch them get ready for the Eric Church concert that night across the way!


What a beautiful city!  Thanks, Nashville!  Can’t wait to come back!


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