burgers three ways

In the July 2015 issue of Food and Wine magazine, the column “Mad Genius Tips” featured recipes for “3 fast burgers”.  I hate to admit it, but I don’t own a grill.  I have one of those Cuisinart® Griddlers but it just doesn’t give the same smokiness or grill marks that a real BBQ can do.  So, when I make burgers, I make them in my frying pan. 🙂

Back to the burgers.  I was intrigued by this article (page 132) because each recipe sounded super yummy.

First up is the “green goddess burger”:

IMG_7727  There is everything you find in a green goddess salad with turkey meat for the patty.  There is basil, scallions, parsley, and anchovies for flavor.  Moistened and bound with mayonnaise, the patty is so moist.  I loved this!

Next up is their “bloody mary burger”

IMG_7725  Ground beef seasoned with horseradish, tomato paste, hot sauce and worcestershire sauce, this was pretty good.  It called for celery seeds, which I omitted because I was too lazy to go out and get some.  The horseradish gives it a great kick and what a clever homage to a favorite cocktail.

And last, but certainly not least, the cheater chorizo burger:

IMG_7724 It’s got all the flavors of a chorizo – paprika, garlic, cumin, chili powder and oregano.  Made with ground pork, it tastes just like a chorizo but required a fraction of the effort it would take to make a sausage!

Each recipe makes about 4 regular sized patties.  Made in my pan on the stove top, it made for 3 days of easy and yummy weekday meals!

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