Eat the Runt


Playing right now at the Altarena Playhouse in Alameda, California is “Eat the Runt”.  An 8 person play, each character has a unisex role/name and the audience gets to pick who plays who at the start of each performance.

I’ll say this – these actors were quite talented.  To learn the lines and persona of each character and then literally have minutes to get into your role for the day before the show starts is very impressive.  A few of the characters tried to sway the audience into voting them into a certain role during the “meet the actors” part.  At first I thought it was cheating, but each of them did equally well, in my opinion, with whatever part they got.  So either, it just didn’t matter what we voted them into or the people who were open to any role were just better at their craft.  The script, however, was terrible – cheap jokes and sexual posturing (that was meant to be funny with whichever sex got the role) was too tongue and cheek for me.  I can see how people would want to see this more than once, as each night’s variation would make a completely different show.  But the story line was so awful that I would never subject myself to a second time.

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