Gaburi from B Dama

Since my last visit to B Dama, I have been obsessed with their gaburi or futomake rolls.  These are large hand rolls with various fillings and rice wrapped in seaweed.  As busy as I am during the day, I have been trying to make it down to Swan Market in Downtown Oakland any chance I get.

At this point, I have had each several times and here are my thoughts:

This is their salmon and avocado, cucumber/ume (plum)/shiso, and chicken teriyaki and avocado:


The salmon in this roll is a big bite of freshness.  This is quality fish with a lot of flavor on it’s own and no need for condiments or soy sauce.  The chicken teriyaki and avocado is very flavorful and the chicken is moist and tender.  The cucumber with plum and shiso is weird – super sour and disjointed.

Then the zucchini tempura and ricotta cheese and the shrimp tempura.

IMG_7571  The ricotta with the zucchini tempura was interesting – I had never had cheese with sushi rice before but it is nice with the zucchini tempura.  The shrimp tempura is perfectly fried and delicious in the roll.

The Tonkatsu and the tofu/cucumber/ume/shiso rolls:

IMG_7572  The tonkatsu is great – I love their tonkatsu on it’s own, as I wrote about in my previous post about B Dama (  The tofu version of the cucumber and plum roll was better than without the tofu but still weird and too sour for me.

And lastly, my favorites:  maitake mushroom tempura with curry salt and spicy tuna.

IMG_7573  The mushroom tempura is really interesting and flavorful with the curry salt.  The curry is just enough and not overpowering at all.  The fish in the spicy tuna is as fresh as in the salmon and it’s fantastic.  Yum yum yum.

Just can’t get enough….

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