san bruno eats

I love that show, “Diners, Drive ins, and Dives” on the Food Network®.  I often think of that show when I’m grabbing a bite to eat in the suburb of San Bruno, California on my way to San Francisco International Airport.  It’s a strip mall type suburb with all sorts of finds within.

The Grand Leader market makes some great deli food to go.  They make hot and cold sandwiches, like this chicken salad one, with all the fixings:

IMG_8227  They’ve got a really potent garlic spread – so watch out, Vampires!  They’ve got side salads, drinks and snacks too.  All of this is ready to pack up as you head on out to the airport or head on home after a long flight!  (

Down the street on San Mateo Avenue is a cafe called “Never to Latte”.  My cousin and I like to come here for their flavored lattes, like the Red Velvet and Nutella seen here:

IMG_8225  I like it better hot, my cousin likes it better iced.  The Red Velvet could go either way but the Nutella is better hot because it melts the chocolate spread better.  (

I had written about Gintei Sushi before (, and that was incredible.  If you want something equally delicious and fresh but more affordable, check out Amami Sushi (  Their tempura is always fried perfectly:

They have a variety of delicious and interesting rolls:


And you can’t beat the freshness of their sashimi.


So, while San Bruno is in the shadows of San Francisco or even San Mateo, there are less lines, less crowds, and food is pretty good.

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