jong ga house

I love Korean food and one of my favorite places to eat in Oakland, California is the Jong Ga House!

We dined there are on weekday night last week and the place was HOPPING.  So many patrons…and rightly so because the food here is delicious!

First things first, I started off with an apple soju!

IMG_8289  Not quite apple juice and not quite a soju, it’s a fun drink to end a long day with.  There are other flavored sojus as well, along with beer, cocktails and sake.  But this is just fine for me.

To start the meal, everyone is served a cold bowl of Naeng Myun with kimchee:IMG_8288  So refreshing to cleanse the palate!

Their variety of banchan is like no other in the Bay Area:

IMG_8290  Don’t be shy on asking for refills – Jong Ga house not only refills your favorite banchan but doesn’t give you an attitude about it either.

My favorite is the hae mul pa jan:

IMG_8293  A pancake with seafood and scallions, it is served with a dipping sauce made of soy sauce and seaame oil.  I love this – it is fresh and hearty.  And they do not skimp on the fillings!

A favorite among diners (and us!) is their grilled mackerel, or Go Deung Uh Gui:IMG_8292  Moist and flavorful, it’s great with the rice and kimchee.  Just be careful of small bones!

My friend is both vegetarian and gluten allergic.  Jong Ga House makes a great vegetarian Jab Chae Bok Um!

IMG_8295  Glass noodles stir fried with veggies and house sauce.  I have to admit, it is better with meat but not so bad without.

I used to live within walking distance and come here once a week.  These days, I live further out but love how the quality and flavor of their food is always the same…which is fantastic.

For more on my love for korean food, check out

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