lasagna bolognese

I love spaghetti bolognese – the creaminess of bechamel sauce mixed with meat over fresh noodles…buono!  It was one of my favorite dishes during my travels through Italy last year.

Last week, I was scheduled to bring a meal to some friends of mine who just had a baby.  I wanted to make something hearty and delicious, but could also be frozen to eat later if needed.  As I perused through my Cook’s Illustrated cookbook, I found the perfect thing to make:  a Lasagna Bolognese!


The recipe calls for a beautiful meat sauce that is cooked on the stovetop for a good hour.  The recipe uses veal and pork and beef, but I used beef, pork and turkey.  I was reticent to omit all the beef and pork because I wanted to keep some of the fat in the sauce.  I did switch out soy milk for whole milk in the bechamel, which is nice for all of us who are lactose intolerant.  The soy provided a sweetness to the creamy mixture to contrast with the spice in the sauce.

Overall, quite yummy and fantastic twist on a common favorite.

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