cheesecakes this week

It’s been a rough week for my staff at work, and so I decided to bring on the weekend with some special cheesecakes.  I perused the Food Network© and settled on these two interesting twists on a common favorite:

1) Key Lime Cheesecake:


A recipe by Emeril Lagasse, the recipe link is here:

This is an interesting recipe, where you first make a pudding with key lime juice, gelatin, and eggs.  You then mix this into a mixture of cream cheese, sugar, and egg whites blended together.  I’m always afraid to serve things at work made with raw egg white.  My confections tend to stay out all day and, even surrounded by ice packs, I really don’t want to make anyone sick.  So, I ended up baking the cake for about 20 minutes, which actually help to set it up quite well.  I tried it a second time as well, omitting the gelatin, and it baked quite nicely as well.  Unfortunately, this was WAY TOO SOUR!!!  With the crust, the sour was definitely manageable but without, BE PREPARED!!

2)  Carrot Cake Cheesecake:

This is by the Food Network Kitchens and the link can be found here:

They describe it as a twist on your typical carrot cake with cream cheese frosting – a carrot cake with a cheese cake on top!


This actually turned out pretty well.  The cream cheese frosting on carrot cake is always my favorite part and this is just a more decadent version of that!


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