Da Poke Shack

I landed in Kona, Hawaii last week around noon and just as the warm sunshine hit my skin, I got hungry and ready to eat!

IMG_8478  (hula statues at the kona international airport)

About 20 minutes away from the airport, is the Da Poke Shack.  So, we got into our rental car and headed straight there.  A funny story is that another couple at the rental car place was also headed there for lunch too!  IMG_8479  Located off Ali’i drive, it is situated in a tan colored apartment building on the ocean front.

The selection of poke and cured salads was incredible!

IMG_8481  You can get poke in bowls or lunch plates or a la carte.  We couldn’t decide which type of poke to get, so we got a scoop of each type!

IMG_8493  And for $21.99/pound, it is a great deal.  The flavors of poke were the wet hawaiian, spicy garlic sesame, shoyu, sesame (oil and seeds), the shack special (honey and miso), dynamite (with an avocado aioli), spicy “peleskiss” poke.  The spicy was really spicy – and a bit too much for me.  I loved the shack special, shoyu, and sesame.  The fish was so fresh and all of these were so flavorful.  Really made with care and not mass produced.

In adition to the poke, we tried their hijiki salad with quinoa and seaweed.

IMG_8501  The texture in this salad was quite interesting but the flavor paled compared to the pokes.  I guess that’s not a bad thing, as it was healthier than rice to pair with the poke!

Behind the hotel, is a small private beach with some benches to enjoy your meal:IMG_8514  What a great way to start vacation!


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