lava lava beach club

I usually visit Hawaii in the middle of winter, when sun sets later and there is more time to play before the day ends.  That being said, I made the mistake of making all my dinner reservations for my most recent trip to the big island trip without double checking the sunset times!

Our first dinner was at Lava Lava Beach Club.  Known for one of the best sunset views on the Big Island, we got there when it was already dark.  😦  The parking lot is small but there is ample parking along the beach…it’s just a bit rockier over there and harder to navigate without the sun.

BUT, with torch lamps lit all around in an open air seating only restaurant, we headed on in for some great food.

The night started off with some cocktails – a Huggo’s Mai Tai and a Lychee Strawberry Rita!

IMG_8644 Refreshing and definitely got us in the island mood as we enjoyed the live music in the background.

What’s interesting is that when you ask people what to eat here, they always say the hamburger.  I can’t eat a burger on the island!  So, we opted for these instead:

Pineapple fried rice with coconut shrimp:

IMG_8647  Served in a pineapple, the flavor of the rice was good but my favorite was the dipping sauce for the shrimp.  It is a ginger-guava sauce, which was tangy and so yummy poured out over the entire dish.

We also got their Furikake crusted fish with steamed vegetables and rice:

IMG_8651  This is listed as their “simple fish” on the menu – and that it was.  Plain and simple.

Overall, food was good but not amazing.  Pretty good option for all you non-adventurous food types and a reliable option on vacation.

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