I loved the Disney® movie, “Tangled”.  The featured princess in the movie was Rapunzel, who spent her time baking and doing crafts in a locked tower.  How could I not love her?  So, I was so excited to try this pattern for Rapunzel from Eye for Cuteness® via Etsy®.

IMG_9493IMG_9494IMG_9495  I altered the pattern a bit, especially the hair.  The pattern calls for you to individually thread each strand onto her head.  I cut out 50 inch strands of yarn, taped them together at the center, and sewed through the fold.  I then sewed the hair onto the head at the fold.  It’s a much cleaner way to put hair like this on a doll.   The pattern also has you sew some flowers in her hair but I chose to thread some sparkly yarn to match her sleeves instead.  Finally, you can’t really tell from this picture, but there is some shiny yellow yarn mixed with regular yarn to reference Rapunzel’s glowing hair from the movie.

After watching “Tangled”, I was intrigued to travel to parts of the world that still light floating laterns.  Hence, my trip to Taiwan, where we took a series of trains to Pingxi and Shifen from Taipei to light a lantern ourselves.  Check out the story from this old blog post:  https://justcallmequeen.wordpress.com/2014/09/21/pingxi-and-shifen/

And my Rapunzel poses here with lanterns I bought from my trip!


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