Sweeney Todd

The San Francisco Opera House in California is currently showing a production of “Sweeney Todd” and I had a chance  to catch their matinee performance this afternoon:

IMG_9549  I’ll admit, I was a bit reticent about seeing an opera about a revengeful barber killing patrons didn’t sound like a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon or paying $90 to sit in the balcony rear.  BUT, WOW, WAS IT WORTH IT!

The performance BLEW me away.  The singing was clear and and spot on – I could hear each word following along with the subtitles (not always the case with operas in the English language).  The talents were amazing – from supporting parts like Johanna, Anthony, Lucy the beggar, and the Judge to the stars of Sweeney Todd and Mrs. Lovett, everyone deserved the deafening standing ovation they got at the end.  The way the opera was written was witty and clever, my favorite song being the one where Sweeney and Mrs. Lovett decide to use the deceased to make meat pies and how each personality would change the taste of the pie.  There were scary and suspensful parts, there were parts where I laughed out loud.  It was on the longer side – about 3 hours in total with intermission – but time really flew while I was having fun enjoying this production.  Brava, San Francisco Opera, Brava.

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