my dim sum collection

After I crocheted my “bowl of pho” (, I have been playing around with different food ideas to crochet.  My ethnic origin is Chinese and my family’s favorite Chinese meals is dim sum.

iphone4slastbackup 651  I love these small dishes and bamboo steamers filled with delicious treats!

Inspired by my favorite dim sum dishes and ideas found in Yummi ‘Gurumi by Christen Haden, I came up with my own designs for these yummy tributes!

First up, are Ha Gau (shrimp dumplings) and Siu Mai (a dumpling made of pork and shrimp).  I tried Ms. Haden’s idea for the Siu Mai first but felt that the top part of the wrapper was too bulky.  So, I slimmed it down and created these guys.IMG_9531

And you can’t have siu mai’s without ha gau’s, so I created a pattern for those to go along with.

IMG_9528  There are actually crocheted shrimp inside each dumpling but you can’t really see the detail.  Note to self, a small swatch of pink inside the dumpling should be good enough to get the idea of a shrimp inside across.


I tried to make a ham siur gauk, which is a deep fried dumpling with a mochi wrapper surrounding pork inside.IMG_9626  Not so successful, but I think it gets the overall gist across as you pair it with the ha gau and siu mai:


My nephew loves baos (buns with fillings).  Who doesn’t?  and no dim sum meal is complete without several of those!  And here are my favorites:


These three are loosely based on patterns found in Yummi ‘Gurumi.


I altered yarns used and adjusted the sizes of the final product so that they all came out roughly the same.  From left to right, it’s a char siu bao (bbq pork bun), peach bun (usually with red bean paste inside), and a soup dumpling with the yellow strands representing the juices inside.  Love how these turned out!

Just to be complete, I added on a steamed nai wong bao (yellow custard bun) to finish the collection:IMG_9620

Next are three of my favorites:


An egg roll:

IMG_9573  My dad and I always have to eat tehse when we have dim sum, along with some Lo bak go (taro cake):

IMG_9575  I think this guy has some room for tweaking but it gets the overall gist across!

And finally, the nor mai gai or sticky rice in a bamboo leaf:

IMG_9577  I again tried the one in Yummi ‘Gurumi but decided to take it to the next level by extending the leaf spines all the way around and actually crocheting a scoop of sticky rice with a varigated yarn to get the rice and filling effect.  So that it stays together, I glued a piece of velcroe:


So cute and so fun to play with!

And finally, dessert!  My favorites are the egg tarts (dan tat) and portuguese egg tarts (po tats):

IMG_9567IMG_9568  Both of which, I wrote about in previous posts:  and ‎.  To get the carmelization effect of the po tat, I entwined a sparkly brown yarn to the yellow.

And I am finishing off with my mom’s favorite:  a sesame ball with sweet lotus paste inside:

IMG_9569  Jeen Der!

Yummy! IMG_9570

Are you craving some dim sum?  I am…


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