King Lear

This year’s season at the Cal Shakes Theatre in Orinda, California, ended with King Lear:


As usual, a spectacular performance.  Cal Shakes likes to play with the costumes and sets in a way to make Shakespeare more modern and relevant.  Their sets are often minimal, as with this cube tonight – a cube of gates that extends and collapses to create hallways and rooms and rooftops.  The costumes were all military-esque in black, gray, and white.  So creative and well done.  Loved it.

For our picnic dinner tonighe, we had some take out from the Korean grocery store with Kimbap, picked veggies, and jap chae.

IMG_9648  Simple but totally hits the spot!

And dessert from 20st century bakery in San Francisco (

IMG_9647  Russian honey cake and an opera cake with apricot filling.  Really YUM.

It was a full moon tonite and it offered natural light to an otherwise dark theatre:


With a lunar eclipse the next night:


What a great way to end the 2015 season!

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