Phantom of the Opera, made over


This weekend, I had a chance to see Cameron Mackintosh’s revival of the “Phantom of the Opera” by Andrew Lloyd Webber.  This is actually my third time seeing this musical.  The first time was in high school with my AP English class as a field trip.  I’ll admit, 20 years later, that I didn’t really get it or enjoy it the first time around.  The second time was in New York City on a weeknight with a bunch of mediocre talent.  I thought that to be slightly better but still didn’t like it.

As a season ticket holder to the SHN San Francisco (, a ticket to “Phantom” came with the package.  I had been reticent all year about going because I didn’t want to waste a few hours seeing something that i had seen before and didn’t like.  BUT, was I in for a surprise!!

Mackintosh’s makeover of “Phantom of the Opera” was FANTASTIC!!  It was fresh and witty and fun.  I finally understood the story!  I could feel the Phantom’s pain and Christine’s confusion of loyalty.  The plot is more clear, the sequence of music made more sense, and he kept the chandelier!  I loved the set and how they used a cylindrical structure that rotates around to show the front and back of the theatre.  I found myself humming “think of me” and “music of the night” walking out of the theatre.  BRAVA and I’m glad the season ended on such a high note!

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