showdogs SF

One of the highlights of my recent trip to Germany was eating a whole lot of wursts and sausages.  See link –

Last week, my friend suggested we check out Show Dogs in San Francisco and the menu brought back great memories of my German adventures!

The space is hipster chic located between Union Square and the Tenderloin district of San Francisco.  The menu had so many great options that ordered three dogs instead of one!

I got their house maple pork with bacon chutney, house brown mustard and arugula:

IMG_9671 The sausage was sweet and juicy as the rich bacon chutney balanced the spiciness of the mustard and arugula.  I love my corn dogs and so I could not resist their hand dipped corn dog, which was a polish sausage dipped in house made beer batter:

IMG_9672  I don’t know but for me, the corn dog has to be with a hot dog.  When it’s with a sausage, it seems too fancy for me.  Beer batter was delcious, though…

And while I’m not a fan of lamb, I was drawn to their smoked merguez for the fig chutney that it was served with:

IMG_9670  A sausage made of lamb and pork, it did have the distinct gaminess that often comes with lamb.  The fig chutney was yummy and balanced well with the dijon and arugula.

Not in the mood for sausages?  My friend got their fried chicken salad:

IMG_9669  The chicken was moist and juicy with a delicious fried batter on top!

To was things down, I got their blueberry basil soda

IMG_9668 An unexpected combination of flavors that turned out to be fantastically delicious.

What a great meal!

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