devil’s food cake – baked style

This week’s confection is Devil’s Food Cake made from the recipe found in Baked Explorations by Matt Lewis and Renato Poliafito.  This recipe is different from those I’ve tried before by Cook’s Illustrated® and Martha Stewart®.  Baked uses hot coffee to melt dark chocolate pieces and then have cocoa powder and milk stirred into the mixture.


Cook’s Illustrated® has you mixing instant espresso powder with hot water and Martha Stewart® just adds hot water directly into their batters for Devil’s Food Cake.  Both of these recipes call for sour cream but Baked does not.  Cook’s Illustrated® uses all brown sugar, which Martha Stewart® uses all granulated white sugar.  Baked uses a combination of both with brown sugar being the majority.

IMG_9857  I think these differences in the Baked recipe result in a moister and more chocolate intense cake.  You can totally smell the chocolate just standing next to the finished confections!  The cake is so moist and soft.  NO texture sacrifices from not adding the sour cream at all!

The Baked recipe is actually for a Devil’s Food layer cake, but I made them into cupcakes because they are easier to share.


The Baked recipe calls for 1/3 cup of hot coffee but who makes just 1/3 cup of coffee?  Thank goodness for my Keurig®!  One large K cup actually makes 1 1/3 cup of coffee, which allowed me to easily double the original recipe.

IMG_9855  And make 4 dozen cupcakes to share!

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