quinoa medley

I love quinoa.  It’s not as heavy other starches like couscous or lentils or rice, but still hits the spot.  I love that you can dress it up in so many different ways, like in salads, as a hot side dish, or in soups.  In the September 2015 issue of Food and Wine magazine, the Market Math section featured quinoa with 4 great recipes!

First up were quinoa-pork meatballs:

IMG_9849  The meatballs failed to stick together.  I even used an extra egg and made sure that the quinoa was all dry before I put them together!  It makes an nice meat sauce though with pasta.  I think I would play around with the spices and herbs the next time around.

Second was a recipe for sesame steak stir fry:

  Instead of a soy sauce and sesame oil combination, I opted to use a Korean Galbi marinade since it is essentially the same concept.  The recipe has you serving the stir fry with lettuce and bean sprouts but I used the same spinach/arugula mix that I bought for recipe #3.  I would try cooking the veggies with the stir fry next time – make it more like a fried rice.  I think that would be more appetizing.

Third recipe was for a quinoa pilaf:

IMG_9848  It called for dried dates but I used dried cranberries instead.  I liked that better because it offered a nice tartness to the green olives.  I also added some pepitas, or dried pumpkin seeds, for texture and some boiled egg for protein.  Pretty tasty and a nice light lunch.

The fourth recipe was for a feta-quinoa omelet.  I don’t like feta and so I didn’t make it.

All of these are found in the September 2015 issue of Food and Wine on page 86

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