prospect san francisco

Tonite, I had a chance to dine at Prospect SF with a good friend of mine after work.  When she suggested it to me, I perused the menu and I was SOLD.  (

We started off with guinea hen ravioli with roasted maitake mushrooms, crispy herbs and black garlic veloute with curry essence:

IMG_9868  This was delicious.  It was spiced and cooked beautifully.  I loved the contrast of the mushrooms and crispy herbs against the ravioli.  The curry was very subtle and the hen was NOT gamey at all.  Yum.

Then came the foie gras terrine with dill pickled dates, mustard, pastrami spice, brussel sprout and herb salad with toasted pumpernickel bread

IMG_9870  This was super rich and decadent.  I wished the spice, pickles, and mustard had a bigger kick to cut the fattiness of the foie gras better.  The pumpernickel bread could have been toasted a little more to give a better crunch against the rich terrine.

For our main dish, we were both drawn to the same one:  herb roasted squab breast with foie gras, a buckwheat crepe with confit squab ragout, roasted chestnut soubise, shaved arrowhead cabbage anise, hyssop poached persimmons, rich squab jus.

IMG_9874  Yes, there was a lot going on on this plate and most of it was super fatty and rich.  The buckwheat crepe with squab ragout and the herb roasted squab breast were both fantastic – the crepe was tasty and the squab was cooked to a perfect degree of medium rare.  Everything else on the plate didn’t really add or detract from the two main components, nor were they that memorable.  The anise cabbage was not good and could have been done without.

For dessert, I got their valrhona chocolate & buckwheat torte with dark chocolate sorbet, honey chocolate mousse hazelnut praline, and blackberries.  The mousse was so light and airy, contrasting nicely with the intense dark chocolate sorbet.  The torte was also quite delicious as well, while the blackberries were an interesting afterthought.


My friend got their persimmon pudding with maple ice cream, ginger caramel speculoos cookie crumble, and a walnut butter toffee

IMG_9876  A nice fall dessert with all the flavors of the season.  The speculoos reminded me of my recent trip to belgium.  Sigh.  I love reliving my adventures through food.  🙂

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