cowboy cookies

I wanted to bring some fun cookies to share at my goddaughter’s birthday party this past weekend.  So, I decided to make the “Cowboy cookies” found in Baked Explorations by Matt Lewis and Renato Poliafito.

What’s a cowboy cookie?  An oatmeal cookie with chocolate chunks and pretzel pieces.

IMG_9904  Pretty yummy!

I tried to make the second batch a bit more decadent with mini peanut butter cups instead of chocolate chunks:IMG_9907  The peanut butter ended up baking through and so the cookie took on a more crispier texture  Who knew that a hybrid of a peanut butter cookie and an oatmeal cookie could be so delicious!

And since I had the oatmeal out, I made oatmeal cranberry walnut cookies with the recipe for “oatmeal cherry nut cookies” found in original Baked cookbook:

IMG_9908  While the original recipe calls for dried cherries, I love the tartness of the dried cranberries in this cookie.

All three were winners and gone in minutes!

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