punalu’u bakery

Everyone knows and loves Big Island Candies from Hawaii.  I do too and still salivate thinking about this box I got as a gift from Hawaiian Airlines after helping a passenger with a medical problem a few years ago.


During my recent trip to the Big Island of Hawaii, I had a chance to eat at Punalu’u bakery in Hilo.  Noted for being the most southern bakery in the United States, all of their goods are made on site.


They’ve got cakes, cookies, and, of course, masaladas!  Portuguese inspired donuts popular in Hawaii, the masaladas come in three flavors here!  From top to bottom, they have mango, guava, and lilikoi (passionfruit):

IMG_9139  All three had pretty good flavor.  The lilikoi masalada had a lilikoi flavored frosting on top, which made it extra delicious and moist.  Perfect with a cup of kona coffee!

To go, I got a couple boxes of their flavored cookies:

IMG_9514  Still soft and flavorful a month out, these were real finds.  They made great gifts for my friends who already make frequent trips to the islands!

And on a head to head taste test of the Punalu’u coffee flavored cookies and the espresso short bread from Big Island Candies, it was a close call!

IMG_9639  The Punalu’u coffee cookie tasted more homemade and were chewier than the Big Island Candy ones.  The Big Island Candies cookies had a higher sugar content, making it crispier.  But both dunked in a cup of hot coffee – DELISH!!

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