dok dok chicken

Korean fried chicken is yummy and Dok Dok Chicken in K town in LA is a great place to get some!  You can order the chicken whole, half, or in pieces.  They have 5 different flavors – original, spicy glaze, spicy soy glaze, honey butter and buffalo – with a variety of sides to order as well.

My friend and I were expecting little drummettes in their option of 5 or 10 drumsticks per order.  Since we wanted to try two different flavors, we had to order 10.  AND THEY WERE HUGE FULL SIZED DRUMSTICKS!!

IMG_1158-0  But boy, they take the phrase “finger licking good” to a whole new level.  The original was flavorful and crispy (feature on the top of this photo) and the spicy glaze was sticky and messy (on the bottom).  The spicy glaze is actually not spicy hot but flavorful spicy with a kick of sweetness.  I loved it!!!!  And while they were huge, I managed to eat 4 drumsticks (2 of each flavor) in one sitting. 😛!

And while there were sides to choose from for the fried chicken via Dok Dok, Lee’s Noodles operate from the same store front.  And how can I resist Jia Jiang Mien???

IMG_1154  Black bean sauce with pork with housemade noodles – so delicious!

Served with the requisite pickles and salad with thousand island dressing (popular in Korean establishments in Los Angeles), it was a perfect match to our fried chicken!


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