Pa Ord

One of my friends is part Thai and knows all the best places for Thai food in Los Angeles.  On my most recent visit, she took me to Pa Ord for some noodles!

Located on Sunset Boulevard in Little Saigon, this nondescript noodle house is located in the corner of a strip mall.  But don’t let the storefront fool you – this place is AMAZING!

We started with their Pad See Ew:

IMG_1061  Pan fried flat noodles with chinese broccoli and egg.  This had some amazing flavor!  One of the best I’ve ever eaten and had to stop myself from eating the whole thing before our other noodles came!  The noodles were so tender and loved the texture with the crunchy greens.

One of my friends got the Rad Na

IMG_1064 Flat noodles with chinese broccoli and gravy.  The gravy was so thick, it was like eating soup noodles.  And combining this with some Pad See Ew in my bowl made it even yummier. 🙂

I got their Tom Yum noodle soup:

IMG_1062  Egg noodles with ground pork, BBQ pork, pork ball, liver, ground peanut and dried shrimp. You actually had your choice of rice noodles, vermicelli, flat noodles or egg noodles, but I think the egg noodles tasted just fine.  The broth was intense with flavor and all the meats and veggies provided some great textures.

My other friend got Tom Yum Seafood noodle soup:

IMG_1065  Same broth as mine but she got a spicy one (hence the red color).  Instead of the pork, there was a variety of seafood instead.  Equally yummy.

I was actually sad when the meal ended.  Can’t wait to go back and eat more.

As we left, all that spice made us crave for something sweet.  So, we headed down Sunset Boulevard to the Silverlake neighborhood for some frozen custard at Hache LA!  I got Banana Foster’s flavor:

IMG_1070  Yummy caramel at the bottom of the cup mixed really well with a banana rich custard on top.  This was a great rendition of this classic dessert!  Hache is actually known for their burgers and cocktails.  With an open air seating area, it is a great place for happy hour and hanging out on a warm LA afternoon.

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