palace bbq

Driving around Korea Town in LA, there are so many places to choose from for Korean Style BBQ.  There is a fair share of affordable all you can eat places as well as some really quality bbq restaurants.  I checked out Palace BBQ with a couple of friends last week and it was DELICIOUS.

We started off with the requisite banchan – 8 in total.

IMG_1133  They are in bigger dishes than I’m normally used to and most were of the kimchee variety to cut the fat and spice of the rest of the meal.

Next came a pancake with green onion and shrimp that actually was still cooking on the stone plate when it came out:

IMG_1136  I was too impatient and scooped a few bites of uncooked batter.  EEK.  Fully cooked, it was fantastic – the stone plate brings a smokey flavor and a crispiness that you don’t always get with these pancakes.

There are all sorts of meats to choose from for the grill.  We went with the gal bi or short ribs.  The meat was so incredibly tender and delicious.


My friend’s favorite is their spicy blad cod with tofu and rice cakes:

IMG_1141  This with a bowl of white rice was INCREDIBLE.  On our trip to South Korea a few years back, we were told that this is a specialty only found in Korea Town in LA.  Good news for me – LA is more accessible to me than South Korea and I will gladly make the trek to come back for this!

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