In my post, “Sushi Platter”, under the category Orange Blossoms, I crochetted a Kimbap.  Is Kimbap a sushi?  What is kimbap?

Kimbap is a korean type of sushi roll.

IMG_9637  It’s got cucumber, carrots, and radish with your choice of protein – crab, tofu, bulgogi beef.  It’s filling and flavorful all on it’s own.  Less creative than a roll you would order from a sushi restaurant but it’s a staple for everyday eating.

I get mine from Koreana Plaza in Oakland, where they come in 4 flavors:

IMG_9633  Tofu, fish cake, bulbogi beef, and vegetarian.  They’ve got a great pre-made food section and I love stopping here to grab food for picnics!

IMG_1654  Pair the kimbap with fried egg and fish patties and seaweed salad, it’s my favorite simple go to meal!

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