halloween at James and the Giant Cupcake

I have been following James and the Giant Cupcake from Oakland, California for a while now on Instagram®.  For a place known for their delicious cakes and beautiful designs, what better day to check it out than on Halloween!  And they were open!


With so many creative options to choose from, I stood there for a good while:


Good thing they had mini versions of all of their cupcakes…I got one of everything!


The top row is the “Bride of Frankenstein” (red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting), “whatcha lookin’ at!?” (vanilla cupcake with a vanilla buttercream eyeball), “RIP” (chocolate cupcake with ganache and black butter cream frosting dipped in oreo® cookie “dirt” and a milano® cookie tombstone)

Second row is “Ghostess with the Mostess” (chocolate cupcake with vanilla filling and ganache frosting with a boo buttercream), “Kurd Cobain” (lemon poppy seed cake with lemon curd filling and lemon mascarpone frosting with a ‘nirvana’ smiley face), “Jaws” (chocolate cupcake with red buttercream and vanilla frosting, blue sprinkles and a milano® cookie fin).

Third row is “The Mummy” (choclate cupcake with peanut butter buttercream bandages), “Haunted Boardwalk” (vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream and sprinkles, and another “bride of frankenstein”.

Fourth row is “the dead sea salt caramel” (chocolate cupcake with vanilla buttercream and red caramel), “Witches brew” (chocolate cupcake with chocolate chip cream cheese frosting with sprinkles), and pumpkin with cream cheese frosting.

All I have to say is YUM-O.  All of the cakes were soft and moist and flavorful.  The frostings were intense – cream cheese and peanut butter flavors were intense and were not overwhelmed by the buttercream at all.  All the mini cupcakes were the perfect bite size and I had to control myself from eating them all at one time.

I got a few big ones to go:

IMG_1650  Because you know, the mini ones weren’t enough…  I’ll be back, James and the Giant Cupcake!


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