I have been wanting to eat at INK in Los Angeles for a long time.  I cheered and cried when Michael Voltaggio won Top Chef® and then again when Mei Lin won.  God, I love that show and I try to go to as many restaurants run by former contestants as I can.  So, it was so exciting to be able to eat there last week!

I got dressed up with a Kate Spade dress, Hobo clutch and some bangles by Alexis Bittar and Kate Spade.


I was so excited to go inside!


We started off with some cocktails:

IMG_1336  Tequila with raspberry, peppercorn, black tea, basil, lime and my friend had the rye.

The plates were all mean to be shared and we got 6 of them!

First up, scallops with soy-cured papaya, fermented chili, basil

IMG_1338  The scallops were so tender and the the soy cured papaya was delicious.

Dungeness crab with carolina gold rice, uni butter, sea beans

IMG_1341  Beautiful and not fishy at all.  The texture of this was incredible.

Corn, housemade ranch “foritos,” nori, green onion

IMG_1343  It wasn’t just corn but a corn meal.  The foritos was a big yummy chip made even more flavorful with the nori!

Hamachi, portabello escabèche, hazelnuts, kelp

IMG_1345  The kelp is actually kelp noodles – the texture and flavor was so interesting.  Paired with the hamachi and the mushroom, I loved it.

Black cod, charred avocado, tomato-curry broth

IMG_1347  This was my least favorite of it all – the charred avocado was a bit off for me and with the tomato curry broth didn’t really pull things together.

To end it off, the branzino with roasted cauliflower, caper, fermented grape

IMG_1349-0 The femented grapes were delicious and the cauliflower were more like chips.  The textures on this plate was so flavorful and the combination of textures was fantastic.

I loved this meal!  This was so much food that I, of all people, didn’t have room for dessert!!  Brava, good people at INK – I can’t wait to come back again!!!

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