Hello Kitty as a rooster

Over Lunar New Year, I created a Hello Kitty dressed as a Ram:  https://justcallmequeen.wordpress.com/2015/02/20/year-of-the-ra…nd-hello-kitty/

My goddaughter was born in the year of the rooster and is turning 10 years old this month.  For her birthday, she asked me to make her a Hello Kitty (her favorite) dressed as a rooster!


I used Lion’s Brand® Homespun® Thick and Quick® yarn for the body, wings, and head to simulate the fuzziness of feathers.  I made the crown out of red yarn on top with a beak made from orange yarn.  For the feet, I decided to use pipe cleaners to get the delicacy and shape just right.


Result?  She loved it!

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